Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and its privacy policy are specifically designed to lay the foundation of our top-class services for our customers. We have a very long list of clients and customers to whom we have provided n number of services and this makes our technical support system a credible source of information.

As long as confidentiality, privacy and security of the customer are concerned, we have managed to prove that it is our priority with respect to our customers. We always keep the sensitive data of the client protected. Our office at Orlando, FL in the United States.

We always pay heed to the concerns, worries, and issues of our clients or users. That’s why, we are here, available with our privacy policy.

User Data that we collect:

We,, ask for certain information from the one who visits our website due to whatsoever reason. The information that we collect is specifically for the purpose of communicating with us. This is beneficial from the point of view of the user to have a proper mode of connectivity with us.

This information also helps us stay updated with the upgrades and updates we receive from Intuit and other official platforms. The main aim behind taking this information from the user is to keep them informed from time to time about available updates, upgrades, and other available services.

This is the information (Personal and non-personal) that we ask from the customer:

  • Company details, client’s name, and other important information.
  • Financial details like credit card or debit card number.
  • Portfolio information and creditor information.

Furthermore, the information to be taken from the client also depends on the type of service that the client is looking for.

Trust Policy

When it comes to the protection of data, it’s difficult to trust any third-party service provider company. That’s why we bring to you the technically advanced and highly improvised support structure. We have a highly secure server system and data process policy with technically advanced technology. This makes our customers trust us.

We don’t share any information with anyone under any circumstances until or unless there comes any legal part with it.

Guarantee of Complete Security

We don’t always provide you with a complete and detailed security system like PASBA or withholding rules and regulations to protect the interest of the customers and their respective data.

We follow these parameters to keep the data secure and security intact:

  • Computer protected with a password.
  • Data Security that we have built.
  • Locations or files with restricted access.
  • Server encryption and site monitoring.
  • Computer firewall and intrusion detection.
  • Audit trail and client data.
  • Confidentiality clause with employee agreement.
  • Computer, Internet and email policy.

Regarding Cookies

When we access the data, during that tenure, we turn the cookies off. In case we do so, you won’t be able to use the website or any part of it. That’s why we say that it is important for you to accept the cookies when the notification for the same pops-up. Once you accept the cookies, our website will automatically track the actions that you perform on our website. Again, this is also to improve the performance of the website and to improve our services for our customers.

The main purpose behind this is providing our customers with all the relevant content and the services that we provide to our users.

However, if you don’t want to accept cookies, we are OK with it. It is completely your choice. We respect that. And that’s why we have given a reject option on the notification. You can click on the reject button.

For further information, you can connect with us via our Live Chat Support. It is available on our website. We are also available through our Official Email Address or via our Toll-Free Number 1800-941-3691.