QuickBooks Can’t Take the Journal Entry to Clear My Balance

QuickBooks Can’t Take the Journal Entry to Clear My Balance

In QuickBooks, if you are unable to do the journal entry for clearing the balance of your account then don’t worry. You can follow the solution below to get it done. The team is here to provide you the solution that is correct and verified. As we all know that clearing the account balance is tricky but can be done if focused or doing with the correct method. The team members are expert and professional in handling all the situations so it is also done by them. You can also contact them directly via QuickBooks customer support toll-free number.

The solution to making the journal entry in QuickBooks

Resolve the issue of making the journal entry for clearing the balance in your account. Follow the solution to fix this issue that is given below:-

Create the appropriate journal entry:

  1. To create you need to click on the ADD button (+)
  2. Now click on the Journal Entry
  3. In this, check the date and change it if needed
  4. Go to the Account field
  5. Then from the drop-down menu; select the option Creditors
  6. In the Debit window, enter the amount now
  7. After that go to the name option and do select the supplier option
  8. Below it clicks on the off-setting or from the account field click on clearing account option
  9. Verify the amount that must be same in the credit and the debit field
  10. Then click the button named Save & Close.

Apply the general journal entry to the existing balance:

  1. For this, click on the expenses option
  2. Then in this, select the supplier’s option
  3. Now select the supplier name to get and pay the bill
  4. Do click on the button named Make a payment that is mentioned in the top right side of the window
  5. After opening the window of Bill Payments, You can see the journal entry under credit section
  6. Now select the journal entry and bill to link it with each other
  7. In the end, click on the Save & Close button.

How to contact the support team?

Still, you need more information about the QuickBooks won’t take the journal entry to clear the account balance. Dial the toll-free QuickBooks technical support number 1800-941-3691. The team is here to resolve all kinds of technical or functional issues that cause your problem. You can also contact them via live chat or email. The team members are glad to help you with the best assistance and never let you go without any information or solution. The members are friendly and polite in nature, so you can contact them without having any doubt or worry.

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