QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number

Payroll processing is a significant aspect of any business’s accounting methods because this is how employees get paid. If payments are going to be made, money is going to be deducted from the company’s account. It is needless to say that employee wages grossly affect the net income you generate from your business but, this is the same reason why payroll processing should be handled with extra care. If your payroll is not going to be done correctly, you could end up spending more than necessary in tax penalties. As if tax penalties are not enough pain, you will be forced to hire an accountant because you certainly need help getting things back in good order.

QuickBooks has an efficient payroll processing solution. Some of its benefits include instant paychecks, which do not need you to make double entries and have updates that make it easy to meet the tax law provisions in your area. However easy it sounds when said, payroll processing, even with QuickBooks needs the eye of a professional accountant who is better skilled at detecting errors and fixing them. The help an accountant offers in ensuring error-free payroll processing to a client who has QB is popularly referred to as QuickBooks Payroll Support.

To activate QuickBooks Payroll, follow the steps provided below

  1. For those who have QuickBooks Payroll in their system, double-click on QB to open it.
  2. Now, click on the Menu Bar → click on Employees. Press the ALT key if you don’t see the Menu bar.
  3. From the options, click on Payroll
  4. Now, enter the Service Key
  5. Setup options will be available as per your edition.
  6. Now, follow all on-screen instructions. Agree to the license agreement and then click on Next.
  7. Now, a new process window will appear with the Manage Service Key option. Select the Add button.
  8. Your dealer must have given you the Service Key. Enter the key.
  9. Click on Next
  10. A confirmation with a verified subscription message will appear. Select Next.

Here are some of the benefits of QuickBooks Payroll

  1. It calculates tax automatically
  2. You can customize paycheck as per your requirement
  3. It reminds you of any upcoming tax penalty
  4. It shows step-by-step setup process
  5. Poster fulfillment service
  6. Compensation to employees

With the online collaboration tools that are provided in QuickBooks, it is possible to get support from an accountant working remotely. We offer these services and support for many more QuickBooks products. For instance, we will host your QuickBooks application; this allows you access to your data and reports at any time and from virtually anywhere. Additionally, when your QB is cloud-hosted, more people can work on your company data file which helps you run and grow your business at a quicker pace. For answers to questions on how we can help you with payroll, call our QuickBooks Payroll support phone number and speak with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Common issue and error in QuickBooks Payroll: QuickBooks payroll products are all designed with excellent features and specifications. However, there remain certain probabilities in the software due to which error occurs. These are the probable reasons due to which the errors occur:

  1. The company file is no longer in use, deleted, moved or renamed
  2. Either the server or the workstation or both are not working properly
  3. Internet connection isn’t working
  4. Firewall configuration doesn’t meet the system’s requirement.
  5. Software exceeds workstation limit
  6. The user has insufficient rights.

QuickBooks Payroll Error

  1. QuickBooks Payroll PS058: The issue occurs when there is some issue with your software or hardware.
  2. QuickBooks Payroll PS034: Error while downloading QuickBooks Update
  3. QuickBooks Payroll PS033: QuickBooks isn’t able to read the payroll setup
  4. QuickBooks Payroll PS036: QB Payroll application isn’t configured properly
  5. QuickBooks Payroll PS038: Unable to run payroll after downloading the update
  6. QuickBooks Payroll PS077: QuickBooks error while downloading Tax Table
  7. QuickBooks Payroll PS101: Update not successfully installed in the system.
  8. QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 12002: When the user tries to update QuickBooks but couldn’t do so due to a broken internet connection
  9. QuickBooks Payroll 30159: Unable to verify QuickBooks Payroll Subscription.

Some of the things we will help you do are such as setting it up, calculating taxes, filling forms, and setting up a payment frequency. For instance, how often are paychecks going to be processed? Do you pay your employees monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly? This does not imply that you cannot do anything in QuickBooks by yourself, but the software has a lengthy learning curve and oftentimes, you will need a quick solution to get out of a deadlock. That is what we are here for; we give you that quick solution whenever you need it.

With QuickBooks, you can do your own payroll if you have a sound background in accounting. However, to avoid errors and therefore wastage of time, it would be wiser to outsource it to a ProAdvisor. Getting it done right the first time allows you more time to grow and chase goals.

BizfinConsulting for instant support

Here are our different modes of connectivity using which, you can connect with our QuickBooks Payroll Support team at any point in time.

  1. Call us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-941-3691
  2. Connect with us via our Official Email Address ask@bizfinconsulting.com
  3. We are also available through Live Chat Support