QuickBooks POS Voucher Printing Issues

QuickBooks POS Voucher Printing Issues

The printer may be off or not online when you are going to give the print command. You need to check the alignment of the paper tray that causes the error of Voucher not printing the data properly. If you are not working as an Administrator that it may be the reason for the issues you are facing while working with it. For checking and resolving you need the proper solution to get it done. The solution is provided by the team who is well-qualified, expert and professional who provides you the verified solution to keep you updated. Here you get the solution:

The solution to resolve the QuickBooks POS Voucher Printing Issues

Firstly, check that the printer is working or not

  1. To verify the working of the printer
  2. Type the content on the word document or notepad
  3. Then open the File menu
  4. In the File menu, click on the print option
  5. Now select the printer on which you want to give print command
  6. If you get the correct print out with the correct text then there is no issue in your printer or printer driver.

Try to fix the printing issues

  • You need to shut down your system and the printer also
    1. Check that the paper is correctly inserted in the printer and no jamming occurs
    2. The interface cables must be connected firmly
    3. Switch on the printer and the system
    4. Then open the Control Panel and select the option named Printer
    5. Print it online by using the option Use Printer Online
    6. Double-click on the printer and then cancel the printing queue
    7. In the end, print out the test page. If the page prints then ok
    8. If the test page won’t print then
      • Connect the system to another system
      • Update the printer driver
      • Again try to print the test page

Now use the QuickBooks Print & Repair tool

  • Find the file QBPrint.qbp in the system where you are facing the printing issues
    1. Rename the file when you got it
    2. The path of the file is C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX
    3. If you didn’t get the file that you are looking for then unhide the files that are hidden
    4. Do right-click on the QBprint.qbp to change the name of the file by selecting the rename option
    5. Open the company file in the QuickBooks after that a new file is created named as QBPrint.qbp
    6. Now do open the transaction in which you are facing the issue while converting the PDF of it or also in printing it
    7. You can also try to print the sample company to verify the printing problem.

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