Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We are providing the great refund-policy in which you get the 15 days to return and refund policy. This is applicable from the date of purchase of certain software with some terms and conditions. If you need the refund your software must be in the condition given below.

The conditions of return are as follows:-

  • The software you need to return must be in the condition in which you have purchased it.
  • It cannot be installed or used to get it to return easily.
  • If there is any damage because of you like a damaged file or anything else; then we are not able to accept it as a refund.
  • In case of the software is installed; you have to prove to us that you did the complete un-installation using proper process.

So, the return will not be accepted by us until we identify that the software is uninstalled and not damaged. Once the refund gets approved and is initiated then you will get your refund on time.

The return-policy days may vary from product to product so you need to check properly before making any purchase. If the refund policy period is over then we are not going to entertain you in any way. You need to make the return request within the number of days mentioned in the product description. After ending the refund period you are not able to request for the same.

Make sure that the product you return will be same packed and also consist of the materials you get while purchasing it. You also need to make proof of the product is not used. You have to also take care of the refund/return period that starts from the day you make a purchase.

While purchasing the product if there is any damaged then it is beared by us. Then it is our responsibility to provide you the new product or the refund by our side. If any damage is made by you then it is not our responsibility. In this case, you are not eligible for the refund/return.