Sage Database Engine Error

Sage Database Engine Error

In Sage, if you are getting the Database Engine error then it happens while you are trying to convert the file online and got the error. The error message shown as “Database engine has reported the error”. So here is the solution that you have to perform to get the issue resolved. As the solution is provided by the professional and expert team members; who are educated and have many years of experience. The team is providing support from the last 2 decades. Follow the solution to fix the Sage database engine error.

The solution to fix the sage database engine error

Here are many solutions from that you need to follow anyone according to your requirement or error. If that doesn’t work then you need to go for the second solution. The solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1- Permission restricted location has the company file

  • Change the location of the company file by moving it to the new folder
  • The folder must be created in the Drive C folder directly
  • Now share the data folder of accounting

Solution 2- Folder permission is invalid

  • Firstly, do copy the locally of the data file on the workstation
  • Now open the file
  • Then after opening it
    1. Restart the server
    2. The shared folder needs to be created by newly

i. For this, create a folder on the server
ii. Then give the full control permission
iii. Now in Sage 50, go to the File
iv. Then click on the Save as option
v. Now named it and save it on the server.

Solution 3- Corrupted or damaged files

  • Copy the data of the company from the server
  • Then paste the copied data to the system locally
  • Now open the folder named SAJ and then locate the error log .txt file in it
  • If the file contains the long blank space or hex dump data then the file is corrupted
  • To restore the backup that is the latest
  • The files that you copied in the system don’t open and are not corrupted as well then
    1. Do run the file and then verify
    2. Repair it
  • If it seems to be corrupted
    1. Restore the backup that is that you had done recently.

How to contact us?

You can contact the team members for the technical or functional errors that you are facing. You just need to dial the toll-free Sage support phone number 1800-941-3691. You can also get in touch with the email or do a live chat with professionals. The team members are glad to help you out in each and every situation. They never let you go without the solution or information needed by you.

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