Sage Error 1327

Sage Error 1327 – Invalid drive at installation requires system registry update.

The Sage Error code 1327 takes place in Sage when you try to install the Sage software and you are not having that drive in which it saves the program or from where it picks the file or maybe some other drive letter. So, below we discuss the solution for fixing this problem and other reasons that cause the same error. You just need to follow the solution according to your issue. The solution is provided by the professional team who is having years of experience in solving these kinds of issues and many more of it.

Solutions to Resolve the Sage Error Code 1327

Method 1- Disconnect the Network Drive

  • In the search box, type the File Explorer and open it
  • Then go to the system
  • Press the Ctrl+F1 keys together to open the tool named ribbon
  • There is a Map Networking Drive; disconnect it by right-clicking on it
  • Now install your program again.

Method 2- Drive Letter removal using Command Prompt

  • Open the RUN window
  • In the RUN window, write the “cmd” to open the Command Prompt
  • After opening the cmd; type the subst/P (Letter of Driver)
    Now close the cmd and install the software.

Method 3- Drive Letter association with Temporary Location

  • Open the cmd from the RUN window and make sure to run it as an administrator
  • Now type the subst (Drive Letter): C:temp and then press the Enter button
  • Then close the cmd and then try to install the application again in your system
  • Again open the cmd and type the subst /D (Drive Letter): so that the software association is removed with the temporary path and then click the enter button.

Method 4- Restore System Registry

  • Backup the registry
  • Then click on the start menu and in the search type Regedit then press the enter key
  • Now find the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellFolders
  • After this, go to the right panel then do a search for the entries in the list of drive letter referenced in the error message
  • Do change the value of the entries that pont towards the C:\ drive and verify the referenced folder path in the key value
  • At the end repeat the steps for this key as well:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\UserShellFolders

Choose the method that is suited to your cause and then does apply it for the results. If you try anyone without knowing the cause then it will harm you the more so make it carefully.

How to Get in Touch?

If you don’t recognize the cause or have any other query or issue then contact us immediately. The support team is here to help you all the time so contact the Sage technical helpline number 1800-796-0471. You can also contact the team via email at or do a live chat with the professionals. Tea will never let you go without providing you the information or the solution.