Sage Error Opening Company Database

Sage Error Opening Company Database

The Sage Error Opening Company Database is one of the common errors. It happens mostly because of many reasons. Here you get to know about the solution and the causes as well. The solution is provided by the Sage support team so that you can resolve it on your own. The team members are professional, experienced, educated and able to handle all kinds of errors and queries. Follow the solution that is provided below.

Reasons that cause Sage Error Opening Company Database

  • May be data is locked
  • Check that the operating system of the Windows is not updated
  • Data may be damaged
  • The setting of the network is public
  • The access to data is blocked by the antivirus
  • Sage 50 might not be updated

The solution to fix the Error in opening the company database

Solutions according to the cause from which you are not able to open the company database file. The solutions are as follows:-

Method 1- Data may be corrupted

  1. To restore the data from the backup
  2. If there is no backup to restore the data then you need to access the company data.

Method 2- Sage 50 might not be updated

  1. Firstly, download the latest version of Sage 50
  2. Now install the latest downloaded version in your system
  3. Then do check for the error again.

Method 3- Verify the network connection

  1. Go to the network connection icon and open it
  2. Now choose the network and sharing option
  3. Do make sure that the network is not public it must be Private/home/work/domain
  4. If it is shown as public then change it to the Private.

Method 4- Folders or the files may be missing

  1. Go to the company file location and then open it
  2. Locate it in the .SAJ folder
  3. Then verify all the folder and files are here that you need.

Method 5- Run the program as an Administrator

  1. Close the Sage application if it is opened
  2. Now do right-click on the Sage software icon
  3. Then you get the options from that choose the run as administrator
  4. After opening the Sage software, open the company files in it.

There are solutions to fix the error that you get for different reasons. Do choose any one method and apply it if the error is resolved then ok but if not then go for the next solution. You can contact the Sage technical support toll-free number 1800-941-3691 to get your technical or functional queries resolved. The team is here to help you out as they are available 24/7 hours. They will never let you go without providing you with the information or solution needed.

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