Sage File System Error Number 3

Sage File System Error Number 3 happens when the link between the server and the database is broken. To fix it you need to do the process of resolving it so follow the process given by the team. Here you will get to know more reasons that cause this error in the Sage application. Also, have the solution that is correct and verified by the Sage support team.

Reasons for the cause

  • Userpref.dat file is corrupted
  • Permissions of the security and sharing are incorrect
  • When the system is on sleep then it breaks the connection between the database and the server
  • A network connection is dropped in the Wireless environment
  • After installing the service release the error occurs
  • Pervasive Database needs to be stopped.

Resolve Sage file system error number 3

There are different solution needs to be done according to the reason of the error. If the solution you choose doesn’t work then go with another solution. The solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1- Network connection is lost

  1. When the connect of the server is a disconnect from the workstation then this error happens
  2. You need to do the troubleshoot this error for fixing it
  3. In the wireless environment, maybe the Sage 50 is not able to function properly.

Solution 2- Open the Company files now

  1. Open the Sage and then click OK button to all the messages that occur on your screen
  2. Do check by opening the company file and if it open without any errors then ok
  3. But if the error occurs then you need to do the latest backup of the data just before receiving the error.

Solution 3- You need to remove the files of PLT

  1. Find out the directories of the company that you get in the related resources
  2. Find out the PLT files and then remove them all.

Solution 4- If there is a Pervasive Error

  1. Firstly, press the Windows+R keys together to open the RUN command
  2. Now in the RUN window enter the services.msc and press the enter button
  3. After that right-click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine
  4. Then click on the Start/Restart option
  5. After reinstalling Pervasive, if the error still occurs
  6. Then there is another program who stops the pervasive services
  7. So, you need to reboot it into the Selective startup.

Solution 5- When you kept the system in the sleep mode

  1. If in any case, you kept the system in the sleep mode while working on Sage 50 software
  2. So take care that you must close the Sage 50 application before you set your system in sleep mode or don’t go away from the system for so long so that it will not enter in sleep mode.

How to reach us?

Still, you got the error or it is not resolved with the solution you needed then immediately contact the support team. Maybe there is any other big issue rather than this. So, to contact you need to dial the toll-free Sage customer helpline number 1800-941-3691, email at or do the live chat with professionals. The team is always here to help you out all around the clock. The Sage team happy to help you by giving you the best assistance and can handle all the situations easily.