Sage Restore Error

If you are getting the error message which displays the following messages:-

  • “Restored failed. Unable to Restore”
  • “Unable to create the file to the destination/address”.

Then you are at the right place here you get the solution below. Also, get to know the more causes to this restore error in Sage.

Causes for the restoration error in Sage software:

  • When you try to restore the backup from the Drive: C.
  • Backup created by WinZip application causes the error while restoring it.
  • When the data is corrupt then it fails the restoration in Sage.
  • The error says file already exists. Do you want to replace it?
  • When the connection manager stop working and the data is present on the server.
  • Run the restore in Sage as an administrator.
  • Interruption in the restore backup process.
  • Windows compatibility.
  • The location of the backup file is non-existing from where it needs to pick the file for restoration.

Solutions to fix the Sage Error of Restore failed:

Ways to solve this error are as follows:-

1. Backup created by WinZip application cause the error while restoring it

  • First of all, uninstall the application of WinZip as it converts the backup file to the cab file
  • Now try to restore again
  • Still, get the same error then the file is incomplete or corrupted
  • Now try another backup to restore
  • If you need the WinZip; reinstall the application after this.

2. Windows compatibility problem

On the icon of the Sage application, right-click and chose the option properties from the menu shown

  • Now go to the tab named compatibility
  • In this section, check the option “Run this program in Compatibility mode for” must be unchecked
  • After that click on the OK button.

3. Make sure connection manager should run on the workstation

On the system tray, you need to open the connection manager

  • Now click on the option restart the service and then click on the OK button
  • Make it verify that it can be backed up or not.

4. The location of the backup file is corrupted or invalid

Try to copy and paste the company data backup file to another location

  • After copying it; try to restore it again
  • Then verify it.

5. When you try to restore the backup from the C: Drive

In the Sage 50 restoring Windows

  • Then change the location of the file to the new location to get the access to the file.
  • Then click on the OK button.

These are the ways to fix the issues in restoring the backup file. You need to choose the solution according to the reason that causes the error in your Sage account.

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