Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The webpage is specifically designed to provide you with the Terms and Conditions. We always keep in mind the interest of the company as well as the customer. Here, the terms you, your, somebody, someone or anybody are directly associated with the one visiting or visited or website or our customer or client. Whereas, the terms I, We, Our, Us and Ourselves are directly related to www.bizfinconsulting.com, members, employees and the company associated directly or indirectly.

The tasks we perform: We make efforts or the tasks we perform are reasonably important for us to complete the work or tasks.
Transactions under T&C: You’re visiting our website automatically state that you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions. We suggest you close our website without any second thought if you don’t agree with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Responsibilities that we take: We take lead on all errors and issues. On that, we apply our professional skills to eradicate these errors with solutions. If you take any sort of service or support with us, we will provide you with all the necessary information and support.
The task we take care of or handle by our team: Value for money is what we believe in. That’s why we have dedicated supervisors who can take care of your issues related to QB and Sage. They also manage the team to make the best out of them. Again, the whole team is then the performance is analyzed by the QuickBooks ProAdvisor.
An estimate of fees we charge: Every task that we perform has an estimate but that shouldn’t be taken as the final or fixed amount. The final amount will be quoted after it being initiated or seeing the complexity of the task, the time it will take and the revision it will require to complete the task.
Your responsibilities: It is your prime responsibility to stay available or acknowledge your presence with us with you connect with us for support or service. However, your presence is only required until the services are initiated. You may go off-course after that. In case any change occurs from your end in the information that you have provided us, it is also your responsibility to share the same or changes with us.
Additional charges: The final amount is inclusive of all the additional charges and taxes. We will notify you in advance for any extra charges.
Charges and Payments: It is also your responsibility to pay and clear the whole amount within the said time. However, to avoid such penalties, you are required not to cross the timeline of the said date.

  • If you don’t make the payment within the said time, you are to abide by the rule and the amount that you need to pay.
      • The collection cost and the expenses will also be charged and recovered from you. As it is the amount we have spent while recovering the actual amount.
      • There will also be a penalty of 5% over the late payment charges that you need to pay.
      • Dishonor handling fees will be applicable. The amount is $95.00
        In any event, where any other party and the agreement comes into force, the amount will be charged jointly


In situations like inaccurate or incorrect information provided by you or the required information changes due to certain reasons, provide us with the right information within 14 days. No extra amount will be charged for such a discrepancy if you notify the changes to us within 14 days. Failing will take the right of raising the issue or dispute. In case there is some discrepancy from our end, we will notify you in advance via our email id or via calling you.

In case of Breach or Default: It will be strictly considered the default or breach of our Terms and Conditions if:

  1. Any personnel is appointed to you or any of your property and you don’t adhere to the standard policy
  2. When the order is enforced to you or the judgment is passed and made enforceable against you.
  3. You fail to pay the amount or any part of it.

Termination of agreement: At any point in time, we may cease all the rights of the user or terminate the agreement that we have given you through our website. This happens only in case of lawful interventions.

These are the cases when it comes to action.

  1. When we receive or notice any unlawful or unethical activity.
  2. When the amount is pending or it is partially paid or some amount is paid.
  3. In case of any breach of the agreement.
  4. When you don’t give the info we require.

Amendments of Terms & Conditions and Rights to implement it:

We, www.bizfinconsulting.com, reserves all the rights to amend and implement the Terms and Conditions at any point of time. We can post after changes without any prior intimation. You are deemed to accept the Term & Conditions accepted or notify us in writing within 7 days of the date of amendments.

Agreement against Set-offs:

In the case of claims or set-offs, you are not eligible to hold any money that is due to us. You can’t even claim any amount.

Severance and Waiver: If we find any part of the agreement void, unenforceable or unlawful then, it will cause an effect on the with the valid provision. In case of any waiver, you will receive it only when it is issued by any of the representatives of www.bizfinconsulting.com.

Jurisdiction: The terms and conditions, agreement and the policy are made keeping in mind the jurisdiction of the court and federal government policy.

Cloud Security and Internet:

It is you who are liable to staying assured of your own system, internet, cloud system and any such information available on such devices. So, you are the only who requires to take necessary actions to make sure to keep everything intact and the right accessibility of data, cloud feature, and system. It is your responsibility to keep all the prospects intact and aligned.

To get into complete details of our company’s Terms and Conditions, call us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-941-3691 or you can drop an email on our Official Email Address ask@bizfinconsulting.com or connect with our team via Live Chat Support to know more about the same.